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About Invantage

Invantage is a new generation solutions development and management consulting company.

We like to ask the question “why”, and this proves helpful in confronting inefficiencies and exploring viable new opportunities. We also like to learn from and partner with respected individuals or companies that have proved to be of similar mettle. We treasure long-term, mutually rewarding relationships and go the extra mile.

Invantage is headed up by Jaco Kachelhoffer

Jaco has over 11 years experience in management and business consulting across various industries and has played key roles across numerous business programmes. Jaco’s core expertise spans business, programme and project management (a certified PMP, Honours degree in Computer Science and Honours degree in Economics) as well as subject matter expertise (a Business Intelligence and technology specialist). For the last two years he has headed up senior management positions in large consulting firms, and has previously been part of the management team of a boutique consulting firm for six years. Jaco is a driven and committed team player and a born entrepreneur, who always seeks to find innovative solutions to business challenges. He enjoys getting involved in the detail and is well traversed across all aspects of running a high-paced and dynamic organisation.

Invantage is co-managed by Anton du Plessis

Anton has worked in the solutions industry for just over the past 11 years, with specific experience in management consulting, and product development. Anton is a generalist with good technical insight, and his management and leadership style can be described as facilitative and collaborative. Anton’s formal education includes an Honours in B.Com Informatics, a Masters of Information Technology as well as an MBA. Anton has a strong solution oriented and win-win approach to all work, and he will always include a strong value-driven client focus. For the past 5 years Anton gained experience in the general management of a software development firm, and also performed global programme management for a large multi-national client. Anton understands what it means to be the final accountable person for a team’s delivery and the challenges this brings. Anton is an entrepreneur at heart, and enjoys being in roles where good work still really matters.

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Phone: +27 11 540 0100